Sometimes I think about what we are given, versus what we need. It's easy to feel like: 

"my life isn't enough" 

"I need _____" 

When you stop and look around, we've all been given so much. Take your life and run with it. “Success" doesn’t always come from having more. It's up to us, to live the life we're given to its FULL potential. 

As I sit here with my sister on her last day in Hawaii with me, I feel so blessed to spend every last ounce of time that I get with her. Life brings ravishing waves of craziness, and making it home doesn't happen often. These past few weeks in Hawaii we took hold of every second together, making memories that won’t be forgotten. 

Driving her to the airport in 15min.. Don't grow up too much without me love. 

Hannah MinardiComment